About Us

Dakota's Steakhouse has been a downtown Dallas dining icon for over 39 years. its unique underground location has a fascinating backstory that lent to its unique history - once occupied by the First Dallas Baptist Church, a clause in the deed prohibited any future owner from selling alcohol on former church grounds. When the owners bought the space, they were determined to have a restaurant anchor their international headquarters. A loophole was discovered - "on the ground" does not include "below ground," so the land was excavated, and the restaurant was born. 

When visiting the restaurant, patrons descend 18 feet underground in a canopied glass elevator, accessed from street level, for a culinary experience unlike any other. The American Steakhouse offers an expansive 1,800 square foot subterranean courtyard allowing patrons to dine al fresco and enjoy a New Orleans-inspired exterior space. This cool oasis is complete with a 20 foot, 5-tiered granite water wall, multi-tiered landscaping, lava rock fire pit, and black granite bar. Dakota's below-ground patio has long been considered one of the city's most romantic dining spots.